Lighting, The Fringe and the EU by Rob Halliday

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Rob will be part of a free event discussing the future of entertainment lighting generally, and particularly with regard to the EU’s lighting regulations, for those working in fringe and smaller scale theatres.

The workshop, to be held on November 21st, has been organised by theatremaker Russell Lucas, who noticed that no-one from these smaller scale theatres had attended the events on the subject that the Association of Lighting Designers had organised at the National Theatre, despite the potential that the new rules would dramatically impact their ability to keep using their existing lighting equipment.

Rob’s involvement stems from his work with the ALD and the larger entertainment lighting community in trying to understand the impact of these new Ecodesign regulations, and in then working with the EU helping them to understand the issues their rules could have on entertainment lighting and the revisions required to make their effect less damaging.

While these changes have largely been achieved for this round of the regulations, the workshop will look at what is likely to happen as the EU work on the next version of these regulations over the next five years, when it seems they will become much stricter over what kinds of lighting equipment can be used and what can’t. The workshop aims to encourage theatres to start planning - and saving up! - for the changes they will have to make now, rather than waiting for five years then realising they’ve run out of time.

The workshop will take place at the Camden People’s Theatre in London NW1 on Wednesday November 21st from 11am-1pm. The number of places available is limited: book now!

Further information & booking: [link]
Further information about the EU and Entertainment Lighting from the ALD: [link]

Tree of Codes - Hong Kong by Rob Halliday

The acclaimed dance show Tree of Codes, which Rob created with director-choreographer Wayne McGregor, visual artist Olafur Eliasson and composer Jamie xx, opens tonight at the New Visions Festival in Hong Kong.

Three performances only - catch it while you can!



Giudizio Universale at PLASA 2018 by Rob Halliday

  Photographer: Antonello&Montesi

Photographer: Antonello&Montesi

Rob will be talking about the spectacular show Giudizio Universale, which he lit with Bruno Poet earlier this year, at the 2018 PLASA Show.

Giudizio Universale combines lighting, projection and live performance to tell the story of Michelangelo and the work he created for the Sistine Chapel. The show, produced by Balich Worldwide Shows, is playing now at the Auditorium Conciliazone in Rome.

The PLASA Show runs from Sun 16th to Tues 18th September at Olympia in London; the talk takes place from 1-2pm on Monday 17th September. All are welcome; you can sign up for free tickets for the PLASA Show and then for the talk at the PLASA Show’s website.

PLASA Show 2018: [link]
Giudizio Universale: [link]

Tree of Codes: Hong Kong by Rob Halliday

  Photographer: Joel Chester Fildes

Photographer: Joel Chester Fildes

Tree of Codes, the acclaimed dance show created with director/choreographer Wayne McGregor, visual artist Olafur Eliasson and composer Jamie xx, is back, this time playing in Hong Kong as part of the New Vision Arts Festival.

The show will be at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre from 19-21 October 2018. 

Tree of Codes Hong Kong: [link]


A Day In Batley... by Rob Halliday

Rob made a return visit to Batley in Yorkshire at the beginning of August, to run a workshop on lighting for the Batley & Spen Youth Theatre.

This is the remarkable group formed last year to present a unique production of Les Miserables as a memorial to the late Jo Cox MP. Rob visited the company last year to provide them with an introduction to stage lighting. This year it was lovely to see familiar faces who'd had an amazing time making that show, and new faces keen to be part of the company as they made a brand new show called Deeds Not Words.

With thanks to the efforts of Donna Munday, Abbey Wright and in particular Will Alder, and the help and support of White Light, a fun morning was had by all learning a bit about the history and possibilities of stage lighting, and then playing with some of the very latest LED lighting technology.

It was a pleasure to be asked to be involved. Best wishes to all involved for the show. And see you all next year?

Batley & Spen Youth Theatre: [link]


Three Days In Milan by Rob Halliday

Following the success of Giudizio Universale in Rome and of his talk about the show at this year’s Rimini trade show, Rob was asked back to Italy again to talk to the lighting students of the Politecnico di Milano.

Though the course is predominantly based on architectural lighting, the college attempts to provide them with introductions to the widest possible range of lighting opportunities. Rob was there to talk about show and performance lighting. Over three days, he talked about the history of performance lighting, his approach to designing shows, and the practicalities of both creating and then implementing lighting designs for productions - not just the technicalities of the lighting, but the process and politics of getting shows on. Rob provided practical examples from the many productions he has been involved with, spanning the fields of plays, musicals, opera and dance plus projects which crossover the worlds of performance and architectural lighting.

Politecnico di Milano: [link]



Politecnico di Milano

Summer at the Royal Academy of Music by Rob Halliday

Rob has just finished lighting the Royal Academy of Music's summer musicals, this year Working, directed by Kimberley Sykes, and Sweet Smell of Success, directed by Hannah Chissick.

Rob has been a regular at the Academy over the last nineteen years, lighting a remarkable range of shows including A Catered Affair, A Little Night MusicA... My Name Is Alice, CabaretA Chorus LineCity of AngelsInto The WoodsJane EyreOh What A Lovely WarPromises PromisesSweeney ToddSweet CharityTommy and others.

However, this year was the opening year of the Academy's new Susie Sainsbury Theatre, built in the same space as the previous theatre and connected to the same (though enlarged) stage - giving the somewhat unusual experience of sitting in a completely new auditorium looking at a very familiar stage (and, in particular, a very familiar, very distinctive theatre back wall!).

Designer Basia Binkowksa took full advantage of the opportunities offered by the expanded stage, however, and the lighting made use of the latest technology purchased as part of the refurbishment, including ETC's Lustr2 LED spotlights and Martin's Mac Encore LED moving lights. 

Rob was supported by RAM's fantastic technical team of Michal 'Skip' Francis and Anthony Hannah, by the technical students from Rose Bruford (particularly production electricians Liam Rudd and Stephen 'Legs' Carter and programmers Jonny Myers and Josh Musgrave), and was delighted to be working once again alongside sound designer Mike Walker and his team, and with RAM's Musical Theatre Company Manager Katie Blumenblatt, Events Manager Gilly Schofield, and of course by the Head of Musical Theatre Daniel Bowling.

It was a pleasure to be back, and to be involved in two such fantastic productions.


   Working   Royal Academy of Music, 2018 Director: Kimblerley Sykes Choreographer: Aline David Designer: Basia Binkowska  

Royal Academy of Music, 2018
Director: Kimblerley Sykes
Choreographer: Aline David
Designer: Basia Binkowska

ITEAC 2018 by Rob Halliday


Rob will be part of this year’s International Theatre Engineering & Architecture Conference (ITEAC), which takes place this week at IET: Savoy Place in London. 

Held every four years, this year’s event is sub-titled ‘Places for Performance: New Directions,’ and promises to explore the new ways in which performance spaces are developing, learning from the lessons of the previous four years and considering the challenges of the next, particularly in the context of what the creators of performance will require of the spaces in which they work, and to which they invite their audiences.

Rob is part of, and has helped organise, a panel called ‘Bursting the Bubble: LED, Regulation and the Future of Lighting’. This takes a look at what venue planners need to consider moving forward, as technology advances, and as control of the equipment used for stage lighting gets taken out of the control of its practitioners whether by legislation or just the decision by manufacturers to stop producing some of the devices we love, particularly tungsten light bulbs.

Alongside Rob will be a team of top theatre practitioners, including lighting designer Lucy Carter, the National Theatre’s head of lighting, Matt Drury, Simone Capeleto of ADB, and Steve Terry of ETC.

The session takes place this Tuesday, June 5th, at 11.30am.

ITEAC: [link]