In Print: September-November 2017 / by Rob Halliday

It's been a slightly prolific few months of writing, with a number of articles that have been in progress for a long time appearing at the same time as some new subjects and some marking significant anniversaries.

In this month’s LSi:

  • The National Theatre building on London’s South Bank turned 40 last year; Rob takes a look at how the entertainment technology in the building has evolved over four decades. [link]
  • A look at the remarkable visuals of the current Sigur Rós tour, for which Bruno Poet was the lighting designer. [link]
  • The regular Classic Gear (looking at the Strand DDM memory console - [link]) and Tools from Beyond (looking at the Expatistan website - [link]) columns.

In last month’s LSi:

  • The 25th Anniversary of the ETC Source Four spotlight, which launched at LDI 1992 and has gone on to become the industry-standard workhorse; Rob talks to Fred Foster of ETC and Dave Cunningham of Entertec about how the Source Four came into being for LSi magazine.
  • The regular Classic Gear (looking at the original WholeHog lighting console as it marks its 25th anniversary - [link] ) and Tools from Beyond (looking at the TripIt travel service website - [link]) columns.

And in the issue before that:

  • A look behind the scenes at Tree of Codes as the acclaimed dance show, which Rob lit working alongside the visual artist Olafur Eliasson and the director/choreographer Wayne McGregor, travels the world. [link]
  • An examination of the latest version of the show control software QLab, which is now adding lighting to its control capabilities.
  • The regular Classic Gear (looking at the Mac500 spotlight - [link] ) and Tools from Beyond (looking at the FlightUpdate Pro iPhone app - [link]) columns.

Plus a variety of columns for The Stage newspaper. [link]


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