#SaveStageLighting / by Rob Halliday


Rob has spent much of the last few weeks working with the Association of Lighting Designer’s Save Stage Lighting campaign, which is working to alert people to the issues presented to entertainment lighting by the European Union’s proposed 2020 lighting regulations.

Under these regulations, if implemented as written, almost all of the entertainment lighting tools that are in use every day across Europe would no longer be available. This includes tungsten light bulbs - meaning that generations of lighting fixtures would quickly become redundant - but also even the very latest low-energy LED lighting fixtures. This because the new regulations remove the existing exemption that stage lighting enjoys, while also significantly tightening up the energy efficiency standards for lighting equipment.

For the ALD, Rob has written two guides to these regulations and the impact they could have, a ‘Primer’ aimed at explaining the rules to lighting people, and a ‘Briefing Document’ aimed at explaining the issue to those who run theatres. 

He has also been working with the Save Stage Lighting campaign’s Robbie Butler and Paule Constable to raise awareness of the issue across producing theatres, subsidised theatres and far beyond the world of theatre, into live music, events, film and television. 

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