Show Updates in Macau by Rob Halliday


In the run-up to Christmas, Rob could be found in Macau - lighting a tree (and a dragon!).

Rob was there on behalf of Woodroffe Basset Design, working with Ptarmigan Integration  to update the lighting equipment on this now ten year old attraction within the rotunda of the Wynn Macau hotel. Two shows an hour are presented, the first the Tree of Prosperity, which appears from the basement and then transforms through four seasons by the magic of light, the second the more dramatic Dragon of Fortune

Originally lit with a combination of Source Four fixtures fitted with Seachanger colour changers and Martin Mac700 fixtures, the lighting rig has now been updated  to use ETC Source Four Lustr2s, Robe DL4 moving lights, Gantom miniature LED spotlights and LED cove lighting from Philips, replacing the original cold cathode system. The updates were completed by a new ETC Gio control system. 

This meant that Rob had to take the original showfile from an ETC Congo showfile, translate it into Eos format, then in advance of the time in Macau carefully match colours and beam parameters from the old fixture types to the new fixture types to give a good base translation of the show. The design was then evolved on site working with lighting designer Patrick Woodroffe to take advantage of the new opportunities offered by the new lighting fixtures - in particular the ability to do long, slow colour fades in the half hour period between each show, all without having to worry about mechanical failures in the colour change systems. 

In addition, Rob had to integrate the lighting system with the new Navigator show control system being installed at the same time by Tait, including feedback systems so that show control can check lighting is alive and responding correctly before running a show. Rob also provided training for the Wynn team, and comprehensive show documentation using his FocusTrack show documentation system, to allow them to precisely maintain the show.

Rob worked alongside a team from Ptarmigan Integration, led by Leslie Yau and Tim Wong, the team from Tait led by Andew Penney and Mike Sharp, and the Wynn Macau team led by Simon Yung. 

The updated show began playing in late December.

Wynn Macau: Tree of Prosperity [link], Dragon of Fortune [link]
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Ptarmigan Integration: [link]
Tait: [link]


Billy Japan: Playing Now by Rob Halliday

Billy Elliot opened in Japan on Tuesday 25th July, to a tremendous reception for what is a really fantastic production of the show.

Rob worked as the Associate Lighting Designer and Lighting Programmer on the show, carrying out all of the pre-production design and planning work, then working with Lighting Designer Rick Fisher in Tokyo to get the show up-and-running. This is the fifth version of Billy Rob has worked on, having also been involved with the last US tour, the London production, the Dutch production and the UK tour, which recently ended a hugely successful year with a short season in Hamburg.

The Japanese production used a rig evolved from that designed for the UK tour, which replaced all of the traditional Source Four-plus-scroller colour changers with ETC Source Four Series2 Lustr LED fixtures. The Japanese production took another step into the world of LED lighting, with Martin Mac Auras replacing the previous Vari-Lite VL2000 Wash fixtures.

Rob and Rick were supported in Japan by a fantastic lighting team (Oshima-sam, Yuta, Katsu, Miwa, Anarin, Mari, Eiji and Takayama-san), a wonderful stage manager (Toku-san), a great production manager (Kanai-san), the wonderful producing team at HoriPro, and a brilliant translator, the wonderful Sonoko.

Billy Elliot plays at the ACT Theatre in Akasaka, Tokyo, until October before transferring to Osaka for a short season there.


Heading East... by Rob Halliday

With Storyhouse successfully open and its first three shows up and running, Rob has now headed east, to Tokyo, for the new Japanese production of Billy Elliot.

Rob is the Associate Lighting Designer and Lighting Programmer for the show, working alongside Lighting Designer Rick Fisher. Rob has previously served the same role on Billy’s last US tour, the Dutch production, and the current UK tour which is about to set off to Germany to play a season in Hamburg. He also adapted the original production from Strand to ETC lighting control during its long run in London.

Produced by HoriPro, Billy Elliot opens at the Akasaka ACT Theatre in Tokyo in late July and plays there until the autumn before transferring to Osaka.