A Flurry of Articles / by Rob Halliday

Articles are like buses: because of deadlines and print schedules, articles that seem like they were written months apart can suddenly all appear at the same time in a great big flurry.

The latest arrivals:

  • The National Youth Theatre of Great Britain Turns 60 - in Lighting&Sound International. The NYT was where Rob started; writing the article proved to be a fantastic voyage of discovery of others who began there.
  • The regular Classic Gear and Tools columns, also in L&SI - this month featuring the Voice of the Theatre loudspeakers, and the Snopes fact-checking website.
  • Inventing The Future: The National Theatre’s Lightboard - in Set and Light, the magazine of the Society of Television Light and Design, based on the talk Rob gave on the same subject at the 2016 PLASA Show.
  • A column examining Rob’s apparent obsession with food, in The Stage.