In Print: Refreshing An Icon in Sydney by Rob Halliday


Rob has been a fan of the breathtaking Sydney Opera House even before he first set eyes on it for real back in 1997. In the time since he has been privileged to visit it, to provide console training to the staff in it - and, most recently, to write about the recent refurbishment of the building’s Joan Sutherland Theatre.

Having been in use since the building opened back in 1973, the theatre was closed for the second half of 2017, during which time it underwent comprehensive upgrades to just about every part of its technical infrastructure - re-opening in time for a New Year’s Eve gala performance by Opera Australia.

Rob visited the theatre just a few days after this, to hear about the project from those who led it and to take a look at the new systems that are now in place.

You can read all about it in this month's edition of LSi magazine, available online or in print. [link]

Storyhouse - And More - In Print by Rob Halliday

Having been involved with Chester’s Storyhouse for the last three years, firstly as technical advisor for lighting and then as the lighting designer for the opening three shows, Rob has now written about this remarkable new theatre for Light &Sound International magazine, which is available in print or online. [link]

This article its just one of several written by Rob to appear this month. The others are:

  • His monthly column in The Stage, this time looking at those who work in the entertainment world might find their jobs are safe from being replaced by the rise of technology. [link]
  • Classic Gear, in LSi, this month featuring the irrepressible Henry Hoover.

  • Tools from Beyond, also in LSi, this month featuring the clever transcription service Trint. [link]

Writing, March-April 2017 by Rob Halliday

Recently published articles by Rob include:

Four pieces in LSi:

  • A look at the lighting upgrades to An Inspector Calls to mark its 25th anniversary, including a great deal of fascinating insight from lighting designer Rick Fisher
  • A visit to the LED by Theatre event, which saw lighting manufacturer Robe supporting a student production at the Guildford School of Acting as a way of showing how their LED fixtures can be put to use lighting theatre shows
  • Classic Gear, this month covering the seemingly mundane but nonetheless crucial product that is the Hook Clamp.
  • Tools from Beyond, looking at a website that makes sure you're paying as little as possible when fuelling your car.

Plus a column in The Stage, remembering Ken Bennett-Hunter, who passed away at the end of March, and from that commenting that we really should work to record the memories of those who helped establish and then shape our industry, before it's too late.

A Flurry of Articles by Rob Halliday

Articles are like buses: because of deadlines and print schedules, articles that seem like they were written months apart can suddenly all appear at the same time in a great big flurry.

The latest arrivals:

  • The National Youth Theatre of Great Britain Turns 60 - in Lighting&Sound International. The NYT was where Rob started; writing the article proved to be a fantastic voyage of discovery of others who began there.
  • The regular Classic Gear and Tools columns, also in L&SI - this month featuring the Voice of the Theatre loudspeakers, and the Snopes fact-checking website.
  • Inventing The Future: The National Theatre’s Lightboard - in Set and Light, the magazine of the Society of Television Light and Design, based on the talk Rob gave on the same subject at the 2016 PLASA Show.
  • A column examining Rob’s apparent obsession with food, in The Stage.