Writing, March-April 2017 / by Rob Halliday

Recently published articles by Rob include:

Four pieces in LSi:

  • A look at the lighting upgrades to An Inspector Calls to mark its 25th anniversary, including a great deal of fascinating insight from lighting designer Rick Fisher
  • A visit to the LED by Theatre event, which saw lighting manufacturer Robe supporting a student production at the Guildford School of Acting as a way of showing how their LED fixtures can be put to use lighting theatre shows
  • Classic Gear, this month covering the seemingly mundane but nonetheless crucial product that is the Hook Clamp.
  • Tools from Beyond, looking at a website that makes sure you're paying as little as possible when fuelling your car.

Plus a column in The Stage, remembering Ken Bennett-Hunter, who passed away at the end of March, and from that commenting that we really should work to record the memories of those who helped establish and then shape our industry, before it's too late.