In Print: Refreshing An Icon in Sydney / by Rob Halliday


Rob has been a fan of the breathtaking Sydney Opera House even before he first set eyes on it for real back in 1997. In the time since he has been privileged to visit it, to provide console training to the staff in it - and, most recently, to write about the recent refurbishment of the building’s Joan Sutherland Theatre.

Having been in use since the building opened back in 1973, the theatre was closed for the second half of 2017, during which time it underwent comprehensive upgrades to just about every part of its technical infrastructure - re-opening in time for a New Year’s Eve gala performance by Opera Australia.

Rob visited the theatre just a few days after this, to hear about the project from those who led it and to take a look at the new systems that are now in place.

You can read all about it in this month's edition of LSi magazine, available online or in print. [link]