ITEAC 2018 / by Rob Halliday


Rob will be part of this year’s International Theatre Engineering & Architecture Conference (ITEAC), which takes place this week at IET: Savoy Place in London. 

Held every four years, this year’s event is sub-titled ‘Places for Performance: New Directions,’ and promises to explore the new ways in which performance spaces are developing, learning from the lessons of the previous four years and considering the challenges of the next, particularly in the context of what the creators of performance will require of the spaces in which they work, and to which they invite their audiences.

Rob is part of, and has helped organise, a panel called ‘Bursting the Bubble: LED, Regulation and the Future of Lighting’. This takes a look at what venue planners need to consider moving forward, as technology advances, and as control of the equipment used for stage lighting gets taken out of the control of its practitioners whether by legislation or just the decision by manufacturers to stop producing some of the devices we love, particularly tungsten light bulbs.

Alongside Rob will be a team of top theatre practitioners, including lighting designer Lucy Carter, the National Theatre’s head of lighting, Matt Drury, Simone Capeleto of ADB, and Steve Terry of ETC.

The session takes place this Tuesday, June 5th, at 11.30am.

ITEAC: [link]