RIMINI 2018: Making Giudizio Universale / by Rob Halliday

Rob was delighted to be invited by Clay Paky to speak at this year’s Music Inside Rimini trade show at Rimini, Italy - a show he’s heard about since he first started working in lighting, but which, until now, he’s never visited.

Rob spoke about the making of the show Giudizio Universale, the Balich Worldiwde Shows production which is playing now in Rome and which uses a rig equipment from Clay Paky and sister company ADB, including fifty of ADB’s classic, but still remarkable, Svoboda fixtures.

However the talk wasn’t just about the technology involved, but about the challenges of designing shows such as this, and then making them work in challenging venues on tight schedules while still achieving the initial vision for the lighting - and having a good time doing so! Having a good selection of snacks (healthy and unhealthy) on the production desk is just one of the tips Rob shared.

The talk was well attended, and well received by all those who were there.

Giudizio Universale: [link]
Music Inside Rimini: [link]