Three Days In Milan / by Rob Halliday

Following the success of Giudizio Universale in Rome and of his talk about the show at this year’s Rimini trade show, Rob was asked back to Italy again to talk to the lighting students of the Politecnico di Milano.

Though the course is predominantly based on architectural lighting, the college attempts to provide them with introductions to the widest possible range of lighting opportunities. Rob was there to talk about show and performance lighting. Over three days, he talked about the history of performance lighting, his approach to designing shows, and the practicalities of both creating and then implementing lighting designs for productions - not just the technicalities of the lighting, but the process and politics of getting shows on. Rob provided practical examples from the many productions he has been involved with, spanning the fields of plays, musicals, opera and dance plus projects which crossover the worlds of performance and architectural lighting.

Politecnico di Milano: [link]



Politecnico di Milano